Claire Evans at Techfestival 2018: The Mothers & Grandmothers of the Web

October 19, 2018
In this keynote talk at Techfestival, Claire L. Evans (US), Musician, Sci-Fi Editor and Author of Broad Band took us on a journey into the feminist history of the Web. In her two years of research, she not only found a "sweet lineage of tech mothers and grandmothers for all of us to admire", but also again and again stumbled upon the seeds of a different future in the form of a technology or an approach to technology, pioneered by the early women of the Web, that would have made the world of today look completely different, had they been applied and scaled more quickly. Watch the full keynote here, and follow Evans to find out what we can learn from the speculative histories of alternative, more inclusive ways of organizing the Web that could have been, but never where.