James Bridle at Techfestival 2018: Thinking Through Computers

October 19, 2018
At Techfestival 2018 James Bridle (UK), Artist & Author of New Dark Age, gave a keynote talk on the historical and cultural paradigm shift that took place in the 20th century, when we started to believe that by calculating the world, we can predict and control it: When thinking through computers became the way we run the world. Watch the full keynote talk below to hear Bridle challenging our ingrained belief that given any problem, we can simply throw more technology at it to solve it.

"Here's the thing: Our ability to predict the weather is getting worse. Our ability to do these calculations is starting to fail us. Due to man-made climate change the atmosphere is becoming more turbulent and unpredictable. That data we have collected for years is not true anymore. And that horizon by which we can predict the future is starting to come back closer and closer towards us. And this ingrained desire to predict the world through computers is failing us"

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