Lisa Mosconi at Techfestival 2018: Brain Food & The Alzheimer's Epidemic

October 19, 2018
We were absolutely thrilled to to have Dr. Lisa Mosconi (US) Neuroscientist & Author of Brain Food join our series of keynote speakers at this year's Techfestival. And when she took the Circle Stage in front of a packed crowd, she blew everyone's mind with a spectacular talk on the future challenge of the Alzheimer's Epidemic.In a time of an ageing population, the world will see the exponential spread of Alzheimer's and other dementia brain diseases. Adding to that, recent advancements in technology has allowed scientists to reveal that a typical Western diet makes the brain age faster. And with no obvious cures ahead that can stop the progression of demantia diseases in the brain, Dr. Mosconi raises the fundamental question: "So if you could see the future, what would you have for dinner"? Watch the full talk here.