Tim Leberecht at Techfestival 2018: The Business Romantic Society

October 19, 2018
On the first night of Techfestival Tim Leberecht (DE) Author & Co-Founder of The Business Romantic Society took the Circle Stage to deliver a though-provoking keynote on the ways in which technology and the 4th industrial revolution stands to disenchant society and alienate us from our emotions.

"The bigger danger is not that we are replaced by machines, but that we become machines ourselves. That we surrender to the regime of the Quantified Self Movement and use technology to constantly maximize ourselves, including our emotions. The great danger is not that computers will be able to think, but that we humans will no longer be able to feel."

Watch the full talk here to learn what Leberecht had to say about the paradox of technology; which promises to make us more connected to each other, but in the process has the consequence of disconnecting us from ourselves.